The Mirale of Life in 4D

How Is A 4D Scan Different To A 3D Scan?

Although the technology used and the still images are the same as a 3D scan, a 4D scan allows families to see a live streaming video of your baby.
Being able to see your baby’s real time movements are what set it apart from any other type of foetal imaging. See you baby smile, hiccup, suck their thumb or stick their tongue out exactly as it happens!

Our 4D scans give you the ultimate bonding experience, to see what your little one gets up to in there!

Advances in scan technology now mean that you can see your baby in a high level of detail before you get to meet him or her in real life. Expecting a new baby is an exciting time, and the standard grey images on a 2D diagnostic scan can leave parents feeling disappointed. 4D scans allow you to see your baby in extraordinary lifelike detail.