Introducing Prenatal and Postnatal massage!

The art of touch has a different application for the pregnant Mum!
The gentle art of Pre and Post natal massage is not applied to fix a strain or tight muscle, it is all about human contact that is compassionate, and provides an additional dimension to relaxation as the pressure of pregnancy increases

Our clinic provide the best products available including the Athlegen Pregnancy cushion which is specifically designed to facilitate a relaxing yet therapeutic prenatal massage providing complete support and comfort to mum and baby.
While many massage therapists use the side-lying position for massage, this cushion allows mums to lay face-down during the massage, giving the ultimate pregnancy massage experience.
For Cecilia and I, it is also about developing a friendship with the Mums to be and sharing in this most wonderful of all experiences

 Ideally, massages should start from around 15wks and continue as part of the post natal recovery process

It is really about supporting you through every stage of your pregnancy

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Rebecca Johnson - Massage Therapist
Cecilia Ngavavia  - Massage Therapist
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